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Lockout-for-Life Services.

Lockout for Life operate under the philoshophy that we will work with you to develop an integrated lockout/tagout system that meets and exceeds legislative requirements. We have the experience in designing developing and marketing complete lockout/tagout systems since the year 2000.

An example of this approach was the Blacktip Gas Rig Project where we became involved at the construction phase, modifying their existing safe work methods such as hot work, electrical, maintenance, confined space entry and other procedures to dovetail seamlessly with the Lockout for Life system

We supply a full range of lockout/tag-out equipment, all of which undergoes an extensive evaluation process and rigorous testing to ensure that we provide the best quality devices giving us the confidence to offer a full 5 year replacement warranty. 

We supply all of our locks and keys with unique serial numbers along with permanent laser engraving of lock identification, serial number and owner's or vessel's name on all locks to ensure there is no possibility of confusion of who "owns" the lock and to ensure that there are no un-authoriized locks in the system.


We maintain a secure database of all of those lock and key serial numbers cross matched with the engraved identifications so that we can always give verification of genuine and non-genuine locks or keys.


Our system gives three separate tiers of protection to every person working within the "isolation boundary" to guarantee that the energy source(s) remain locked out until each and every person removes their lock.


We also supply our two-part equipment isolation tags with serial numbers on both parts to ensure that the de-isolation process is again verified prior to re-energizing and in the case of any incident we are able to confirm that both parts of the tags are genuine.

Lockout-for-Life also offers users free training in the use of our equipment and system on an of at-cost only basis.

Since the inception of the Lockout for Life system, through constant monitoring we can assure there has NEVER been a breach of the system when following our procedures.

Remember, that energy may be putting your life on the line, lock it out with Lockout for Life

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